New Exhibition and Sale at Rebound Bookshop, Blackburn

Harrison Stickle - Cards & Prints
Since Saturday 17th Nov thee has been a new exhibition at Rebound
A new set of paintings (well prints actually) are now on display at Rebound bookshop in Blackburn. You can find the address in the gallery page on this site. On the back of my exhibition and sale of photo-cards at Whalley library I realised that the same could be done with larger photographs and turn them into photo-prints. They do look well because the photographs are produced professionally by Garth Dawson of Accrington - that means they are proper photographs of the paintings done on matt photo-paper and NOT cheap podgy prints done using a printer where the ink is not light-fast and fades over time.

The other advantage is that they are mounted in black 10x8" bevel edged mounts which are sealed in polypropylene bags so hey will fit inside standard frames or are quite safe inside there bags. Not just that they cost only £5 to purchase making them very affordable.

I have also been asked for larger prints - I can do them up to 12x8" which is close to the full size of the painting. These can be mounted in mounts of any colour sized either 11x14" or 12x16"

Why put this in my blog you ask because this just appears like advertising my prints! Well yes it is advertising but it is also a revelation in that it is such an easy way to get prints of your own artwork to make cards or larger mounted work to give as gifts that do not break the bank as if you paint a masterpiece you don't always want to give it away. So this is the way to make quality prints:-

1. Scan or photograph your painting - preferably a large painting much bigger than your print size so that when you get it printed it tightens up the detail in the painting. This is a technique used by a chap who paints pictures of fish and reduces the image by 50% - the results are stunning. Its good if you are able to crop and adjust your photo to make it look a bit more swish - a good freeware program is infranview - do a Google search to find it.

2. Get your image printed at a shop that does photo-printing. Try and get it on matt paper as it looks better (not as flashy as glossy) and if it is going on a card it will not show up fingerprints the same.

3. Stick the photos onto greetings cards or mount them in bevelled edged mounts. You can even turn them into postcards.

Easy :-) Enjoy - M