Painting Matters & Material Lists

(Clayton-le-Moors) A Painting Workshop for Beginners: An Introduction to Abstract Painting

The Sea Aardvark - The sketch that became a painting - Gouache on cartridge Paper
Materials List for the Abstract Painting Workshop at Nursery End:
NOTE - This is a list of materials used in this painting workshop - as it was a workshop and each individual produced a unique artwork not all the materials were used in a single picture
"The sea Aardvark" was just one example of the work produced in this workshop and was painted on cartridge paper using sky Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Primary Yellow, Flame Red and Lamp Black. It was never meant to be a finished painting but merely a sketch on cartridge paper to show how to construct a simple closed line abstract. The closed line scribble sketch looked quite promising (drat - should have done it on pastel paper). so colour was added using a warm foreground and a cold background. The result was a naive abstract work that looked like a blow up children's toy found in swimming pools. The addition of fish, waves and an eye and the sea aardvark was born! The fish are there to stop him getting hungry. :)

The materials used for this workshop:

Pastel paper - Canson Mi Teintes - Salmon, Antique White, Charcoal and Yellow.

220gm cartridge paper for drafting out the work prior to painting.

Windsor & Newton Designers Gouache:
Ultramarine Blue, Sky Blue, Primary Yellow, Flame Red, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Sap Green, Permanent White and Lamp Black.

Brushes - size 10, 6, 3, 1 Round. 10 Flat.

All the above materials can be obtained from Portfolio Arts and Crafts, Simmons St, Blackburn.
Tel 01254 665053