Painting Matters & Material Lists

Materials List – Re Demo at Brush Ahead, Colne.

An example of a sketch in both pastel and gouache.
A list of useful material for use in the private demonstration/workshop to the art group “Brush Ahead” in the use of Pastel and Gouache to paint a woodland scene.
Materials that I will use:

Pastel Painting -
I will primarily use a selection of Rowney soft pastels but anything similar will be OK. Useful colours will be a very light blue (Ultramarine shade 2) and some darker blue (Prussian blue shade 3 & 5). A range of shades of green preferably both in cold and warm colours in both light and dark tints. A dark brown and a light brown and some grey as well as a black and white. (With pastels the list is endless but a good set of landscape pastels should so the trick - I will bring some along to show what is available and what is good and what is bad - some sets are next to useless!)
For the support I will use a grey pastel paper (Mi - Teintes) but you can also tint your own - Use watercolour paper (a good support for pastel) tinted with a wash of acrylic or even just a watercolour wash. I will .demonstrate how to do this on Tuesday.

Gouache -
Ultramarine, Venetian Red, Permanent Yellow, Burnt Umber and Titanium White are the main colours - I might add Yellow Ochre but its not essential. Supports for Gouache are manifold but watercolour paper is a good start. You can also paint on pastel paper and mount board and I will bring along some examples of these.

If you do not have any of these do not worry you can easily follow along using your watercolours. The main thing is to enjoy painting. M