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(Barnoldswick) Painting with Malcolm Bullock - Mondays - 1.00 - 3.00 September 2017

Art Cards - Cwm Idwal
Painting at the Public Library, Fern Lea Avenue, Barnoldswick, BB18 5DW
Here is the September list for Barnoldswick on Mondays - Lots of variety this month - we kick off with something that potentially follows on from the last class where we did some composite sketches of various scenes to produce a sketch of a tree. well the first class looks at that tree study but we turn it into a full blown watercolour. This class is not dependant on having been to the last one. Then we a workshop looking at one and two point perspective and here we will produce a couple of pieces of work that illustrates perspective. A reworking of an old piece is in store for later in the month which goes right back to 2011. We finish off the month with some small mountain landscapes painted as either small art cards or postcard size. nothing to stop you painting a large one either if you want.

4th Sept - Mon 1-3
Tree Study - Watercolour
A painting of a tree from a sketch—some of which were prepared last month in class - But not essential

11th Sept - Mon 1-3
Single (one point) and Two point perspective - Graphite/Watercolour/crayon/ink
A workshop that will help sort out drawing in single and two point perspective.
Produces a nice abstract too.

18th Sept - Mon 1-3
Boston Plantation - Watercolour and ?
A Look back at a piece of work from 2011 perhaps with a bit of a twist

25th Sept - Mon 1-3
Mountain Landscapes - Watercolour
Small artworks featuring a variety of mountain landscapes.
This is a good way to start off the planning process for a larger work

Full programs are available at the library.

The cost is £10 per half day session and includes all materials needed to complete the painting - just turn up on the day, sit down and paint. All sessions are independent of one another. To book just contact Malcolm on 07776036674 or just turn up as there is usually an extra place set. See for further information. You can also follow what is going on at

The sessions feature a paint- along where the participants will start and finish the painting within the session. The techniques used to produce the painting will follow a step by step approach. This method of teaching allows the individual to quickly develop confidence in using the paints. Skills are also built up through the explanation of the various techniques used in painting the scene as well as the theory, such as composition and colour theory, that goes with it. The development of a personal style of painting is encouraged through individual assessment at various stages of the painting. No one paints exactly the same, we are all unique.

Booking is preferable as course numbers will be kept reasonably small to ensure individual attention. I do usually set an extra place or two so it is also possible to turn up on the day.

Booking can be taken at the information counter at the library or call, text (07776036674) or contact me via the "contact me" page of this website and I will pass the booking on to the library.