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(Barnoldswick) Painting with Malcolm Bullock - Mondays - 1.00 - 3.00 - April 2015

Cnicht - Watercolour and Line
Painting at the Public Library, Fern Lea Avenue, Barnoldswick, BB18 5DW
Painting on Mondays at Barnoldswick Library - April 2015
Seascapes and Landscapes

This month the classes will start on Wednesday the 8th March at 10pm which will be a pastel of Criccieth Castle – this is due to the first class of the month falling on a bank holiday. The classes then return to Mondays at 1.00pm and on the 13th March there is a maritime painting of a schooner in acrylic where the painting will be set against a cold Alaskan background, a good opportunity to practice waves. This is followed on the 20th by a local scene in watercolour featuring Blacko Tower as seen from the banks of Lake Burwain, this painting demonstrates aerial perspective and the mixing of greens. Finally on the 27th there is a watercolour of a mountain landscape which includes Cnicht, the Matterhorn of Wales, and demonstrates how the addition of line can strengthen a painting. Programs are available at the library.Programs are available at the library.

The classes for April are:
8th April - Wed 10-12 (Note the time and day change for this one only)
Criccieth Castle - A Seascape in Pastel
The Castle on the headland as seen across the small bay.

13th April - Mon 1-3
The Survey Schooner Yukon - A Seascape in Acrylic
An acrylic of the 1873 Survey Ship set against an Alaskan setting where the vessel pioneered early coastal surveying of the Aleutians and a chance to practice those waves.

20th April - Mon 1-3
Blacko Tower from Lake Burwain - Watercolour Landscape
A picture featuring a distant hill and foreground trees. This painting helps to demonstrate aerial perspective with tone and colour and the mixing of greens.

27th April - Mon 1-3
Cnicht from Cwm Croesor - A Watercolour Landscape with Line
This mountain is known as the Matterhorn of Wales and is named after the old English word for Knight as it resembles a knights helmet. What this painting will hopefully demonstrate is how the addition of line can strengthen a painting BUT if the painting is strong enough it might not need it. I got more photos and sketches of this mountain while in Wales.

The cost is £9.50 per half day session and includes all materials needed to complete the painting - just come, sit down and paint. To book just call into Barnoldswick Library or contact Malcolm on 07776036674 or just turn up as there is usually an extra place set. see for further information. You can also follow what is going on at

Due to the nature of the classes the painting sessions are suitable for both the Beginner (some people have not painted since school) and the improver (those who wish to hone their existing painting skills). In each class I will demonstrate how to paint an effective scene in watercolour or acrylic. There is also the occasional session where the painting is done in line and wash, pastel or even oils (oils is usually a full day session). The sessions usually take place on Monday afternoons from 1-3pm but occasionally switch to Wednesday mornings when there is a bank holiday. If the session warrants it we take a full day but there is usually a half day option providing there is space.

Course Fee - £9.50p/afternoon session - This includes all art materials as well as the loan of brushes etc

The sessions feature a paint- along where the participants will start and finish the painting within the session. The techniques used to produce the painting will follow a step by step approach. This method of teaching allows the individual to quickly develop confidence in using the paints. Skills are also built up through the explanation of the various techniques used in painting the scene as well as the theory, such as composition and colour theory, that goes with it. The development of a personal style of painting is encouraged through individual assessment at various stages of the painting. No one paints exactly the same, we are all unique.

Booking is preferable as course numbers will be kept small to ensure individual attention. I do usually set an extra place or two so it is also possible to turn up on the day.

Booking can be taken at the information counter at the library or call, text (07776036674) or contact me via the "contact me" page of this website and I will pass the booking on to the library.