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From the Ridiculous to the Sublime

Basteir’s Tooth
From the Ridiculous to the Sublime:
From Landscape Painting through to Total Abstract by Malcolm M Bullock at Whalley Library 3rd to 31st May, 2011
The exhibition is called From the Ridiculous to the Sublime because it features a selection of pure landscape paintings, some of which are local, and also some less formal ones which stretch from semi-abstract landscapes through to full blown naïve abstract work. They produce an effect by grouping shapes and colours in satisfying patterns rather than by the recognisable representation of physical reality (see Oxford English Dictionary for the definition of abstract). The selected landscapes are mostly watercolours and pastels with gouache and acrylic works playing a major part in the abstract section.

Try to spot the links between the works in the exhibition. For example see how a line and wash such as Basteir’s Tooth has links with Mystery Buttress and Napsicus (you can also find others).